For up-to-date news on the Mandrak Lab members:

June 18-22, 2018: The Mandrak Lab members (Paul Bzonek, Rowshyra Castañeda, Tej Heer, Meagan Kindree, Nathan Lujan, Nick Mandrak, Fielding Montgomery, and Noelle Stratton) attended and presented their research at the International Association for Great Lakes Research held at the University of Toronto Scarborough.

On September 5, 2017: The Mandrak Lab welcomes a new PhD Student: Noelle Stratton (co-supervised by Nicole Klenk)!

On August 18, 2017. Brett Allen successfully defended his Master’s thesis on historical changes in the fish communities of the Credit River. Well done Brett!

On July 17, 2017: Shannon Ritchie successfully defended her Master’s thesis on Blanding’s Turtle. Congrats Shannon!

May 15-19, 2017: The Mandrak Lab members (Brett Allen, Paul Bzonek, Rowshyra Castañeda, Emily Chenery, Tej Heer, Meagan Kindree, Fielding Montgomery, Shannon Ritchie, Yiminxue Zheng) attended and presented their research at the International Association for Great Lakes Research held in Detroit, USA.

Paul Bzonek won the IAGLR Best Student Paper Award for 2016!

May 13-15, 2017: We had our Mandrak Lab retreat at the Pinery Provincial Park. After our hike we spent two half days BioBlitzing the Sydenham River.

May 7-11, 2017: Rowshyra Castañeda presented some of her research at the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution meeting in Victoria, BC.

March 2–4, 2017: Three Mandrak Lab members (Tej Heer, Meagan Kindree, and Yiminxue Zheng) attended the American Fisheries Society-Ontario Chapter Annual Meeting in Geneva Park, Orillia, Ontario. Tej was awarded the E.B. Crossman award for best student talk. Well done Tej!

On January 13th (a Friday), 2017: Fielding Montgomery successfully passed her Appraisal Exam. This was due to her obvious intelligence and her great time management skills!

On December 20, 2016: MSc Candidate Paul Bzonek passed his Master’s thesis defence. He is now a Master of Asian Carp behavioural barriers. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with him as he begins his PhD in January!

On December 19, 2016: PhD Student Rowshyra Castañeda passed her Appraisal Exam. We now have two PhD Candidates in the Mandrak Lab!

On November 22, 2016: PhD Student Sara Campbell passed her Appraisal Exam. Well done Sara!